Bianca Cios – Romanian Photographer

Bianca Cios – Romanian Photographer

When people think of Romania, they tend to only think of Dracula and gypsies. But there is more to this country than that. Though not yet a popular tourist destination, Romania is one of those places where you will fall in love with the moment you step in. The Black Sea, the Danube River and the Carpathian Mountains are just some of the famous attractions photographers head to capture incredible scenery. And not only that, the cities themselves have a very unique infrastructure, making them a wonderful backdrop to do a photoshoot.



Today, we connect with Bianca Cios, an aspiring photographer born and based in Romania. She is extremely fluent in taking pictures that are full of artistry and emotions. Currently pursuing her two passions in life: photography and medical school, she’s highly determined to give her all so that she can succeed in both these fields. So spend some time to learn more about the beauty of Romania through her eyes and why you should head there now to do a photoshoot.



DT : Hi Bianca, thanks for taking the time to share your story with us. Firstly, tell us more about yourself. Where are you from and how did you get started on photography?

Bianca : Hello Dear Travellers! It is a pleasure for me to be able to talk to you today in this context. I am from Romania, more precisely Arad. I started photography when I was 13 years old and there’s this huge passion burning in me ever since. I’d wanted a DSLR back then, but my parents did not want to buy it for me. So I had to do my best and work hard to get it.



DT : How is life growing up in Romania? Is it easy to be a photographer in your hometown?

Bianca : Life is Romania is interesting. You have plenty to do, places to visit and nice people to meet. I can not say that it is hard, but it’s not easy too. To be known across the world is quite difficult because the market is over-saturated, which means you have to be good to be known.


DT : Did you face any difficulties when you first started out as a photographer? What is the one thing you wish you know when you started taking photos?

Bianca : I do not know for sure. Probably my biggest problem when I first started was to talk to the people I was photographing because for so long I was an extremely shy person. This impacted me a lot when I was taking pictures. But over time, I’ve figured out how to work with people so that we can create a beautiful relationship with them, and then be able to produce beautiful pictures.



DT : That’s lovely. So do you think being able to communicate is necessary during photoshoots? I’m told that you can speak Romanian, English, French and Spanish fluently. How much has that helped you in your career as a photographer?

Bianca : Yes, communication is very important during shooting, because the person you photograph needs to feel relaxed and then you can start taking candid shots in his natural environment. Being fluent in many languages has indeed helped me a lot because I am able to communicate and photograph a larger audience.


DT : What is your greatest experience so far as a photographer?

Bianca : My best experience as a photographer takes place day after day when I get inspiration to create. I’m proud of what I do and I would not give that up to anything in the world. My greatest happiness is when the people I photograph radiate happiness when receiving the final results of their photoshoot.



DT : So where are you available for hire as a photographer?:

Bianca : I’m currently focusing on doing photoshoots within Romania, because I am only 18 years old and can’t leave the country alone. However in the near future I plan to start working on overseas projects. But for now you can contact me for photoshoots anywhere in Romania.


DT : So can tourists engage you for a photoshoot when they visit Romania? What advantages will they get from hiring a local photographer like yourself?

Bianca : Yes, most definitely! First of all, one the benefits of hiring a local photographer like myself is that we know the surroundings better than anyone else and therefore the most beautiful places to take pictures!

Secondly, I do not want to praise myself but I do have a very rich and inventive imagination and together with my knowledge of the area, I am confident of producing beautiful pictures which I am sure you will love.



DT : Why should people consider choosing Romania to do a photoshoot?

Bianca : Romania is an extremely beautiful place and full of talented people. I’m sure they will find everything they will need to have a beautiful photoshoot session here. There is seriousness in our work, as well as ideas that are more artistic.


DT : How do you best describe your style and what can people expect when they hire you for a photoshoot?

Bianca : I love fashion and expressionism. I also love to see beyond appearances, to read people and then to photograph what seems to me to be better. I love capturing portraits that tries to express something, an emotion or a feeling. At the same time framing it as natural as possible but yet still full of innovation.

I do not like doing the same kind of pictures for everyone, because we are all different. Which means that each shooting is different.



DT : What are your plans for the next two years?

Bianca : The next few years will be very important to me. Besides currently on my way to finishing an important stage of my life, I will begin my studies in medicine next fall. The only thing I want is to find the perfect balance between medicine and photography so that none is affected.



DT : Well said! Alright then, thanks for sharing with us more about yourself. Before we conclude this interview, do you have any final advice for people who are considering doing a photoshoot in Romania?

Bianca : I think the most important thing is to be open to see and experience new places. Thank you for everything.




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