Hiring a photographer is easy through our platform. Just click on “Photographers” and browse through all the photographers in our database. Simply select a photographer and choose the package and photoshoot date you are interested in and the photographer will get back to you.
We have a huge pool of photographers from all around the world, each with different expertise and packages. Therefore, it is extremely easy to find one that suit your preferences, no matter where you are. Furthermore, we ensure that the photographer will only be paid after you have received your pictures.
You will be asked to leave a review of your photographer, which will affect their reputation on the website. Furthermore, we will take actions against the photographer if there are persistent bad reviews from customers.
As the agreement is between you and the photographer, we advise you to drop a message to the photographer as soon as you know that you will not be available on that date so that he can reschedule the photoshoot.
We understand how frustrating it can be if a photographer cancels the photoshoot unexpectedly. Therefore, let us know and we will personally assist you in finding another photographer as replacement. Alternatively, we will refund you 100% if you decided not to find a replacement photographer. A cancellation review will also be automatically generated on the photographer’s profile if is it done 48 hours before the photoshoot.
We will provide you with a refund (less chargeback fees imposed by payment gateway) for any wedding and pre-wedding photoshoot if you cancel the photoshoot within 72 hours from booking time.
Your pictures will be sent to you directly by the photographers. Therefore we will not have any access to them as we respect your privacy.
We believe that a bad photoshoot affects more than just financially. It’s a ruined moment. Therefore, please contact us at [email protected] if you are unsatisfied with your photoshoot, so that we can help to resolve the issue.
We will not use any of your photoshoot pictures for our marketing material without first asking you. Furthermore, we will not have access to any of your pictures without your consent.